nteract Desktop App Keyboard Shortcuts

The nteract desktop app provides the following keyboard shortcuts for common actions:

Action Shortcut
Auto-complete Ctrl + Space
Additional information (Python) Ctrl + .
File actions
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Save As Ctrl+Shift+S
Edit and notebook navigation
Redo changes in editor Ctrl+Shift+Z
Undo changes in editor Ctrl+Z
Copy Cell Ctrl+Shift+C (nteract can also drag/drop cells)
Cut Cell Ctrl+Shift+X
Delete Cell Ctrl+Shift+D
Paste Cell(s) Below Ctrl+Shift+V
Convert Cell to Code Cell Ctrl+Shift+Y
Convert Cell to Markdown Cell Ctrl+Shift+M
Run Cell and Select Next Shift+Enter
Run Cell Alt+R, A
Move Cursor Down ArrowDown
Move Cursor Up ArrowUp
Run Cell Ctrl+Enter
Insert Cell Above Ctrl+Shift+A
Insert Cell Below Ctrl+Shift+B
Runtime kernel actions
Interrupt Kernel Alt+R, I
Shutdown Kernel Alt+R, K
Restart Kernel Alt+R, R
Restart Kernel and Clear Alt+R, C
Restart Kernel and Run All Alt+R, A