Configuring the nteract desktop app

The nteract desktop app can be configured using an JSON-based nteract.json file. The nteract.json file should be stored in the Jupyter config directory. To find the location of the Jupyter config directory on your system, run the jupyter --paths command.

$ jupyter --paths

Create the JSON file like so:

$ touch /Users/me/.jupyter/nteract.json

Configurable options

The nteract desktop application supports the following configuration options.

Config Option Example Description
"theme" "theme": "dark" Sets the default theme of the nteract desktop app, can be light or dark. Default is light
"autoSaveInterval" "autoSaveInterval": "1000" How often to save the notebook document in milliseconds. Set to 0 to disable autoSave.
"codeMirror" "codeMirror": { "lineNumbers" : true } A set of options for configuring the CodeMirror editor in the nteract desktop app

Example configurations

This is an example of an nteract.json file that sets the default theme to the dark theme and disables auto-save.

    "theme": "dark",
    "autoSaveInterval": 0

Here's another example of a configuration that customizes the CodeMirror editor in the nteract desktop app.

    "codeMirror": {
        "matchBrackets": true,
        "autoCloseBrackets": 4,
        "cursorBlinkRate" 500